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Reading over all the end of work paper work.

Even if i got the max unemployment per week, i'd still be short $1,000 for rent in 1bed/1ba before even considering other expenses.

tile'd art that i made.

single svg tiled at 5 different sizes with some css.

blessed complaint 

i think the workflow is still being fleshed out

i think the all caps text "CALENDAR" was supposed to be a link

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blessed complaint 

updated linkedin with my netflix end date

0 minutes later on a saturday morning

recruiter message from google for a ux engineer role

the technical industrial complex

one of the last things i'm doing:

catching up on un-expensed expenses...

i haven't expensed a phone bill for the entire pandemic...

when i realized, i blurted "fuck" and a table of people working outside together looked over and i realized just how loud i was

"sorry" lol

three degresss of passwords:

1. "hackable" accounts-- all get the same insecure easy password
2. "secure" accounts-- in my password manager with unique identifiers and passwords
3. "fragile" accounts-- decryption keys i have memorized or written down as picture clues in case i blank

i fell while riding my bike yesterday

scraped my elbow and my knee

feel like i'm 8 again fuck

political spectrum: abortion 

the far left: even the queer children should have healthcare

the left: the mother should be allowed to live in an emergency

center: i shotgunned a beer before sex as a heavenly contraceptive there is no way i'm pregnant and/or the baby is not mine

the right: women that think about killing babies should be jailed

the far right: after any deliquent is imprisoned and/or executed, any offspring should be segregated by gender and other superficial features for grooming purposes or else

boomers stopped building houses because increased supply would lower the potential for their home values and are mad no one wants to work their applebees to afford to sleep in a car

i mean, the worst part about losing your job is needing to tell people about losing your job.

the best part is how suprisingly supportive everyone is because they've known that i haven't been particularly happy or myself for a bit.

i mean, fedi... are you suprised? i'd be shocked if you didn't see this coming.

going to a wedding today and my suit doesn't fit-- but in a good way.

i guess i lost weight since i bought this, so i look like a mobster in my baggy ass jacket.

i pulled the trigger and ordered a pixel 5a. i'll be flashing grapheneos on it asap.

i've been on this pixel 3 running it for well over a year now-- ever since i deleted my google account. the breaking point is i have only one cable that'll charge the phone in one delicate orientation.

the feature i'm looking forward to the most in the 5a?

a motherfucking headphone jack.

tbh, css container queries are cool

but also tbh we've had iframes since forever.

my hyperhidrosis be bad today so my touchpad is not worky

i haven't been posting as much.

trying to be irl more.

built a bike
joined a gym

my goal is to get in shape enough to go surfing.

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