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They'll take me away and you'll say
Thank goodness such a nuisance
But later when they take you away
I'll say nothing as I'm already gone

trying to read an article called "21 reasons why life is better when high" but can only find three reasons because also ADHD and the pagination buttons blend in with ads

one time hanging out with my friend that is very anti-car and very pro-public transit

in an uber in tacoma to get to the train station

uber driver was like "where train to?"

heading to seattle

i had all my luggage with me.

uber driver "i could take you there"

me without hesistating, "yeah let's just do it"

my friend: :surprised_pikachu: :star_trek_picard_facepalm:

Hufflepuffs have been actively undermining JKR since she tried to erase us, so starting with the release of the first book.

these are her previously unreleased notes:

Gryffindor: selfless heroes
Ravenclaws: the smarty pants
Slytherin: xenophobic legacy admission students
Hufflepuff: the other ones

like, even Newt Scamander takes a back seat in his own series and his primary performances are boiled down to stereotypical charicatures of Hufflepuffs.

my step dad works at a private airport. my mom, my sister and him live across from it, so we hear all the planes.

6 private jets have come in/out this morning alone.

that's a lot of fuel boi.

if i'm ever that rich, please kill me to save society.

also impossible patties are really good. if you eat them naked, sure it is "not meat" but on a burger bun with other burger ingredients, the entire dish does taste like a burger.

i'm just mad at the pigs for what they did in animal farm.

but fun fact: the company that makes the impossible burgers are from where i live!

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this post brought to you by the time just right now i didn't respond to a bacon burger with a meat free patty:

✔️ removes methane from ozone
✔️ asserts dominance over highly intelligent pigs
✔️ no contradiction

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i hate resisting the urge to shitpost.

i'm really good at it.

resisting that is, my shitposts are... well... shit.

i think this could be my personal self-hosting stack, just need to figure out how ipv6 works, probably.

android (graphene OS)
community solid server

or maybe like, how to reverse lookup my phone?

i want to hit and be served from my phone.

in all, this has been 2 hours and 15 minutes of constant bandwidth usage that could have easily been 10 minutes at home.

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sneezing into your bicep and giggling at the fart sound :success_kid:

me: gigabit internet at home

also me: uploads and downloads gigabytes on airport wifis at 2mbps

getting my car back this week. been afk for two years.

flew today.

got bumped to first class: score

squirted water all over myself while boarding: lol

i made a 1gb video and nothing will accept it yikes dawg

Okay, final verdict after daily driving both a high-powered System76 Lemur Pro and POP_OS! and the Framework with manjaro-sway on minimum specs.

The Lemur Pro is fully featured and leaves nothing to be desired when producing content, such as editing videos, running games, and streaming over OBS.

The Framework w/ manjaro-sway is perfect at giving me an entirely distraction free environment for whatever task I want to accomplish, whether that's writing code, surfing the web or even running Portal 2: Reloaded on Steam.

A privelege for sure, but starting with learning to code on a Raspberry Pi 400 and blogging about it, you could save up to buy a Framework to make Steam games on, since the base model could be considered "a totally jailbroken Steamdeck" and after getting a meager amount of sales from your now healthy following, you can buy the fully featured computer you've always wanted, mine just happens to be the framework. The Lemur Pro is just because I need "a real job" to pay "the real bills" requiring "real money".

All that to say, we're all kept down by the man. If you have no computer at all and want to get started, DM me and let's chat about maybe getting you a Raspberry Pi 400 to kick things off?

eye contact 

updated my avatar to be my face again. less digital hackery than it was before.

some say lazy, i say that work is out of scope.

what the fuck is a tension headache and how do i stop it

2012: the web is broken

2022: everything but the web is broken

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