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me: gigabit internet at home

also me: uploads and downloads gigabytes on airport wifis at 2mbps

getting my car back this week. been afk for two years.

flew today.

got bumped to first class: score

squirted water all over myself while boarding: lol

i made a 1gb video and nothing will accept it yikes dawg

Okay, final verdict after daily driving both a high-powered System76 Lemur Pro and POP_OS! and the Framework with manjaro-sway on minimum specs.

The Lemur Pro is fully featured and leaves nothing to be desired when producing content, such as editing videos, running games, and streaming over OBS.

The Framework w/ manjaro-sway is perfect at giving me an entirely distraction free environment for whatever task I want to accomplish, whether that's writing code, surfing the web or even running Portal 2: Reloaded on Steam.

A privelege for sure, but starting with learning to code on a Raspberry Pi 400 and blogging about it, you could save up to buy a Framework to make Steam games on, since the base model could be considered "a totally jailbroken Steamdeck" and after getting a meager amount of sales from your now healthy following, you can buy the fully featured computer you've always wanted, mine just happens to be the framework. The Lemur Pro is just because I need "a real job" to pay "the real bills" requiring "real money".

All that to say, we're all kept down by the man. If you have no computer at all and want to get started, DM me and let's chat about maybe getting you a Raspberry Pi 400 to kick things off?

eye contact 

updated my avatar to be my face again. less digital hackery than it was before.

some say lazy, i say that work is out of scope.

what the fuck is a tension headache and how do i stop it

2012: the web is broken

2022: everything but the web is broken

since unemployment, i've begun doomscrolling on linkedin lol

walking last week, i was crossing the street.

made eye contact with a guy that was drinking on the corner.

he mouthed something, i missed it so i lowered my headphones

me: sorry what was that?
him: i said i hate you
me: oh, i'm sorry man
him: i'm sorry

and i put my headphones back on and he looked away.

@blindtwig saw your halo posts yesterday, so happy bungie day today!

V is doing unconscious bias training for work.

got a result that she's got an unconscious bias against white people so we'll see if these results really are anonymized real quick.

- read a blog post
- performance benchmark analysis
- javascript was most performant, some other language was second with, third, fourth and fifth trailing.

"some other langauge was the break away winner, unless you'd actually write javascript"

1. excellent unbiased analysis
2. am i set enough in my ways that i'm now the equivalent of a c89 programmer

cohost begpost 

i made an acct, can i get an invite if anyone is feeling generous, i pinky promise i'm not trying to make work for the mods.

unsolicited linux distro advice 

people that just need a computer: debian-based

people that need bleeding edge packages: arch-based

people that need the bare minimum: alpine-based

everybody else: a notebook

1st grade: giggling to myself picking my nose thinking about how the classroom will be filled with boogers by the end of the year and no one will know why

2nd grade: learning about vacuum cleaners and eyeballs

i was late on one credit card payment and it knocked my credit score down 69 points.

final round for a join interview today.

fingers crossed ish.


the first time i ever saw porn was in 1998 at age 9. Prescott and I were playing on the computer and his dad fell asleep on the couch. we were guessing random urls and went to mygirl dot com.

i don't think it was so much of an erection as it was having the wind knocked out of me. i ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet thinking i needed to shit.

my feelings subsided. i came out and he apologized for what we saw and showed me how he deleted it so we wouldn't get in trouble.

i was embarrassed and over the years we slowly lost touch. i never forgot our tricks.

Prescott last wrote if he drank one more time he'd seek professional help. he got drunk, went kayaking, and drowned at sea in his early twenties.

i should have been there for him. my interpretation of religion was weird. my mom wouldn't get divorced until after this guy cheated for the sixth time for similar religous reasons.

i don't know if it was the lying, the stealing, the cheating, her aborting his child, or me swearing on the bible at age 13. but she got out.

i knew that porn wasn't mine. i knew how to delete it. also, the content didn't add up. my searches were for like "boobs" or "playboy", when this history was like "teen girls" something or other.

i didn't realize the gravity then as I understand it now. i can't imagine that man still in our lives with any authority for a goddamn second.

while many from my former congregations must be celebrating heartily today, I mourn with all the women and children of this world trapped in religions and societies to be oppressed by men.


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