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okay like my work mac is officially the worst.

i spend more time rebooting my computer than using it to fix VPN connectivity.

:drake_dislike: using linux because you're elitist
:drake_like: using linux because you're broke af

violence against comedians 

Dave Chappelle got attacked while performing on stage last night.

Chris Rock asked, "Was that Will Smith?"

A reboot of the Harry Potter franchise, but exclusively from the point of view of a merry band of Hufflepuffs.

okay, on the one hand, fuck github

but on the other hand, pages is so simple.

i remember sudo installing npm because i was like "no one would ever put anything bad in here!"

made a thing.

got the todo list example working with solid, minus being able to change the task description (but only because i don't know enough sparql yet)

sitting in a google meet lobby waiting for more people to join before joining but secretly hoping everyone else is thinking the same thing and maybe the meeting won't happen but it is kinda cute we all stealthily avoided the meeting on the same literal page

i have one rule for reviewing code.

i ask myself, "would i feel the need to go behind the author's back to change this if it was committed as is"

if the answer is yes, I leave a comment. if the answer is no, i'm just nitpicking.

this way, i never feel the need to undermine my team and i'm invested in the change and happy to pair or go into the weeds, if desired.

:drake_dislike: web3
:drake_like: web0

:drake_dislike: node
:drake_like: deno

:drake_dislike: database
:drake_like: file system

:drake_dislike: graphql
:drake_like: sparql

:drake_dislike: typescript

:drake_dislike: react
:drake_like: tag

:drake_dislike: billionaires
:drake_like: you

stayed up l8 last night working on getting

1. tag ready to be packaged on
2. the todo list example powered by solid

getting reallll close.

cat /usr/bin/$ 

python -m http.server --cgi 8000

okay yo, serious question:

is there an html+css renderer for sdl2? i have no need for javascript there if i could control a document and a stylesheet.

to preserve is to adjust for inflation, but exclusively from the past.

i'm True Neutral, which I personally enjoy because lawful evil-doers and chaotic do-gooders can never tell if i'm helping or sabotaging them.

The lawful do-gooders and chaotic evil-doers think i'm the worst, but it is physically impossible for me to care what they think when their existence negates themselves into agreement with mine.

An .

I am @tychi. An internet artist.

I enjoy emerging mediums, which practically means i'm an technologist and anything that can evoke human emotion from a digital signal is my instrument.

My latest project is There's not much there, besides Silly, the keyboard kid and the private journals available on every 404 page.

I've built two tools for building my web things and Some people think they're cool, which is nice, but they're mostly for me so it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks-- but I share them publicly so anyone can benefit from my progress.

Lately, I've been trying to learn formal programming methodologies less and music more. I've got hyperhidrosis which leads to playing music in live environments frustrating at best and impossible at worst-- so i've taken to synthetic instruments.

Ultimately, I would like to make indie games. I love that the medium encompasses so many disciplines into a single neat package. Writing, composing, illustrating, animating, programming all create beautiful simulations of worlds unfathomable.

But first, I'm surviving our collective dystopia-- participating in the fine balancing act of procuring food and shelter against satisfying the desires of our hearts.

work shop talk 

someone has been spinning up an instance internally to use.

i opened a PR yesterday against my experimental, No React No Kings project aka the sloppy first version of the concepts in Tag.

In the PR, I eliminated the need for NPM and Webpack because the web is awesome and is an fantastic tool for bridging the gap.

Anyway... from grapevines, it sounds like AWS uses but people working on it or with it are under NDA and I think that's worth a pause.

There's the kick-ass tool that's made freely available. Most kick-ass tools need some form of validation for adoption, like a trillion dollar company using it to make money would be perfect.

but no-- a trillion dollar company using free software is literally a trade secret and this is why all you green web folk are stuck using shitty, shitty build tools.

for the normies, this is why websites like "new reddit" suck ass.

can i just say, thanks.

all you tiny galaxies of tiny stars of literal human meat sacks posting on the internet.

thanks. i love you.

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