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v: why is disney plus increasing by $10

me: they need to actually pay scarlett johansson

I woke up without a headache. Is this what normal feels like?


I think I got it yay!

(thanks to everyone that tipped me off at various times)

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for christmas, i just want my domain to resolve properly and have https.

i've been emailed once a day since july 5th about how shit of a sys admin i am

I'll be honest. I loved the game of thrones ending.

I started watching right before the final season aired, after listening relentlessly for a decade about how incomplete my life was without GoT.

Being able to follow the meta in real time with no skin in the game... Truly a unique moment in time.

Shallow sympathies to anyone that was actually invested in the show.

Fuck Apple 

I'm exaggerating. There's no covid group text. It's every other group text.

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Fuck Apple 

Getting left out of the covid group text because you're a "green bubble"

just giving a shoutout to yesterday cause i think public perception was a bit underrated in countries that use the wrong type of date formatting but i live here so, enjoy:


I got boosted and a flu shot yesterday morning. I'm ready to stop being cold with a fever now.

The state of x-server in a nutshell:

> This also means that the Linux Touchpad project will no longer fund X Server maintenance, as our objectives there have been completed. We invite anyone who would like to support continued development of the X server to contribute to Povilas' personal Patreon , since he remains open and willing to continue to improve support on the underappreciated/underfunded yet essential infrastructure that X server represents for its users.

- source (

meme explainer:

shamless bragging: well tgiow (well thank god i'm on wayland)

I thought I was posting a joke but as one guy exits the parking garage, he yelled to two others exiting a building "y'all just now leaving?"

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It's 7am on a Saturday here. Walking near my old office.

Crossing through EA campus knowing I won't get stopped by security because this is normal.

Looks like TikTok is violating OBS' GPL, but birdsite is confused about how copyleft works, are defending TikTok and are like "obs git gud." just clicking into that thread was a reminder... To use Aral's words: hell site

My morning: customizing my taskbar with CSS because i live an alternate universe where it's easier to customize my operating system than it is to build a web app.

Been on Graphene OS for a year now. A security hardened version of Android.

One of the most practical things is the device is vocal about everything.

One of the most disconcerting things is how inconsistently, yet with frequency, Slide for Reddit pastes from my clipboard.

And that's why I don't have a password manager on my phone.

Two exciting things today:

1. Reported a bug on github that was resolved easily after a smidge of back and forth (that context also fixed a separate, stagnant issue which was cool)
2. I was able to place an order for a bright orange bezel for my framework

Today was one of those days where I wore mismatching socks by necessity but one inside out until just now unknowingly

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