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> Open Library is an open, editable library catalog, building towards a web page for every book ever published.

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> A collaboration between Priveasy and the Aaron Swartz Day Police Surveillance Project, Bad Apple provides valuable tools and resources with the aim of holding law enforcement accountable and putting an end to police misconduct.

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> Priveasy is a community-driven internet privacy and security organization. Our goal is to provide you with—at the lowest cost possible—the tools and services you need, to stay safe online.

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> Fetch Apply is a simple system configuration and management framework designed for transparency, security, efficiency, and auditability.

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Remember AOL? Logging in had three steps with the dial tones and everything as it established connection.

in the future we'll have the same, with a few upgrades

step 1: put on headset
step 2: retinal scan for login
step 3: mark zuckerberg's face on your eyeballs like the splash screen in super mario 64, but you can't skew it because he's sensitive.

@aral @gabek Playing around on a Raspberry Pi 400, just ran

site enable --owncast

any tips?

Inclusion: Accepting me despite the stereotypes you think I am.

Diversity: Appreciating all the things I am that you never thought I could be.

one of those days where i'm feeling like "always the edgecase, never the happy path"

Just saw Dune. I liked it, but Nick Fury didn't try and recruit Lisan al Gaib.

My least favorite thing about the 'verse is people mirroring twitter.

Twice this week I've seen @'s written in good faith that'll never be seen by the handcuffed OP they're replying to.

Fuckers might as well be using wuphf for broadcasting their fax

Just did a Russian roulette wing order. 9 Buffalo wings + 1 ghost pepper wing.

Clearly today is not the day I start taking care of myself.

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Never attribute to malice that which can be summarily described as properly conducted business

My favorite song. When the deep isolation of quarantine at home was at MAXXXX for me, this track pulled me through:

I think I'm going to begin to take care of my body soon. Not today. Not tomorrow. But soon.

At a horse racing thing. I guess it's a big deal.

open with invidious don't fault me please hashtag content matter 

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A community that offers a safe space for people to share their personal lives online (again). Social media doesn't have to be about only showing the best of you, all the time -- finding support and community for your struggles, small and big, is a cause worth pursuing.

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