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anyone else watch Halt and Catch Fire?

Just started season 4. I ran through season 3. I think this is my favorite show.

give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day

teach a man to fish and he'll eat for the rest of his life

lease a man a fishing rod and re-possess it whenever is convenient for you and you're google

i quit google, but still need to use google for work.

even though my historical phone number is now exclusively a work line, I put all the work stuff behind a work profile so I can make using google as diffficult as possible.

it makes all my other tech related decisions seem like no brainers.

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me, all morning dreading looking at my calendar

me, before opening my calendar, fingers crossed, "no meetings, no meetings, no meetings"

*opens calendar to zero state, welcome to google calendar*

*switches to work profile, opens calendar*

no meetings!

writing software is easy

writing the right software for the right problem for the right people for the right reasons with the right incentive structure is incredibly difficult

the new formal

yeah, it is time we had "the talk"

a lot of people at the beginning of the pandemic were like "i'm never going back to regular clothes again" and i just want to make sure that wasn't just the pajamas talking.

so to settle this, let's choose right here and right now what our new threshold is for formal

"i'm still haunted by all the buffalo i killed in oregon trail but couldn't fit in the wagon"

- me at work rn

i'm working on a feature where I'm adding emojis next to country names.

there's a bug where only the US shows up with two flag emojis and it is the most American bug I've ever encountered.

Went for a walk to grab Boba. Ran into on the way home!!!

For context, he started walking from Los Angeles, California, USA to San Francisco, California, USA eleven days ago.

Pretty wild he was walking past my neighborhood at the right time to snap this.

I walked with him for a couple blocks, people thought I was his guide so I was taking pictures for them lol

If you've got questions, I might be able to answer some, since I basically interogated him as we walked ๐Ÿ˜…

Okay, I'm going to be logging off from fedi for the rest of the week.

take care of yourselves!

reach me on xmpp if you need me.

decided today was a good symbolic day, personally.

I wrote this essay on my way to visit family. I didn't want to hear any of their opinions, since I've heard them my whole life.

I drew a lot of negative attention from people I held in high regard for so long. I knew what I was doing and I needed to do it, but I didn't know how it was going to go.

we all watched a man die for nine minutes, open shut, imo.

While support directly in the comment section of facebook was lacking, my DMs and texts had all the support I needed.

with the conviction today, I realized I don't need that energy back in my life ever again.

i'm free now. i don't need to go back to a place that amplified the thoughts of the echo chambers of my past. Of our shared collective past.

the future can be so bright if we stop clutching to the pearls of injustice and figure out how to cooperate through the much more trying times we still have ahead of us.

peace. love.

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My first fedi post:

I just queued up twitter, instagram, and facebook for deletion.

that'll be fully complete a few days before my 1 year anniversary in this much more enjoyable realm.

Gah, i try to write about optimistic things and the future, but also where we're headed terrifies me and i need to write about the past sometimes.

but also like, those things from the past are causing terrifying things in the present already.

history is happening.

Today is the opposite of productive as I stress over meetings while waiting for a callback from the DMV to deal with a "delinquent" registration final notice.

I'm pretty on top of the mail and didn't even know the registration was expiring, but here we are.

Hoping we can get this resolved and I don't need to go to a physical location this afternoon.

In reply to:

Ethical anti-design, or designing products that people can't get addicted to.


I just played through a Cup on Mario Kart 64. When the credits finished playing with a final screen:


None of the buttons on my controller did anything. All that was left was to either turn the console off or press the reset button. With no indication of this whatsoever.

As a child, when this would happen to me, I would usually go outside and play with the other neighborhood kids. Probably brag about how I beat Mario and it was great revenge for all the times he sacrificed me for a double jump.

Of course I'm Yoshi. When you have to be a human every other day of your life, be a dinosaur when you can, you're nine!

I digress. They could have chosen to give me a countdown timer to the next match,

"Sorry Mom, the game already started, I can't come to dinner yet!"

but they intentionally did not.

This pattern of respect is exhibited throughout the game.

Okay, so results from the test:

I beat the game in under three hours as advertised. That included my struggles at the beginning since I don't know how to use Backblaze. We ended up just not using it-- thanks to the chat for help!

This was about 4-6 consistent viewers on a $5 Digital Ocean droplet running with .

cc @aral

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a few hiccups with backblaze, now disabled, starting momentarily

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