@kambing seriously. it's like HP got an infinity gauntlet full of ink cartridges

i watched inside by bo burnam three times yesterday.

total mood.

@jalcine whoa, the art direction in this one is so cool; just watched the trailer. that angle with the map super imposed behind the character is slick.

@jalcine ah, she probably missed any consent and i didn't dig into the specifics. any time i sign into windows, i just assume i'm pwned and don't spend any more time thinking about it ๐Ÿ˜…

got any recommendations for games on itch? if i had to pick a favorite genre, probably puzzle platformers

@jalcine for me it's mostly about lack of transparency to the source. that's more of a security than an ideological concern though.

my fiance got into gaming recently and thought it was weird that discord knew what she was doing on steam, so that's probably a floss ding of sorts.

there's also itch.io, just in case you hadn't come across it before

RE: treasure21 

@krinkle long enough that we formed a small team to try and solve it ๐Ÿ˜…

we made it to level 60 something before giving up. also found out one person looked up a spoiler for at least one level, so i kinda lost mojo after that.

if you get to the level with a photo like an x-ray, that's as far as we went.

@krinkle long enough that we formed a mini team of people to work together to try and solve it lol. i think we played for a couple months and quit at level 60 some-odd. That was back in like, spring of '07.

@krinkle on the landing page now. very excited to dive in.

sharing just in case you hadn't already come across this: notpron.org/notpron/

i know there were a lot of these journeys way back. that's the only one i really knew about or how to do: it is probably what got me on the path to web dev as a passion.

anyway, thanks for building something cool :)

@Columbkille Apple turned me into a control freak.

I'd always wanted a mac, but they were so expensive. I had an iPod and I'd buy music on iTunes.

I think I probably ripped too many CDs from iTunes and they revoked some purchases and I never felt like that was right.

I did end up getting one eventually, but never used their ecosystem before ultimately leaving.

The reason I caved and bought one in the first place? Microsoft launched windows 8 changing their UI from everything I was used to.

The kicker is they discontinued their Zune lineup after I switched to that from iTunes.

That was the only thing keeping me tied to their ecosystem.

On the topic of redesigns and empathy...

personally, i spend a lot of time on my computer. i adapt to my computer and it adapts back to me, because i'm extremely computer literate.

the vast majority of people have incredibly limited time to increase their computer literacy.

no matter how janky or broken an experience might be, it becomes _the_ experience. people adapt and are able to do the one or two things they need from that broken experience.

when redesigning or over-hauling an experience, even if the changes are "improvements" that "fix" things, those are *breaking changes* for people that have learned against an imperfect system.

just think it is worth noting that when people complain, it is because they are in some sort of pain.

as a user experience engineer, i've found that most of the time people cannot articulate their own experiences with software outside of how it makes them feel.

idk, just some thoughts top of mind from reading reactions today. no conclusions.

it's not that i'm trying to be a pain in the ass, it's just i'm running GrapheneOS for my daily driver and couldn't use google services even if i wanted to.

but that was an intentional decision, so if it makes me a pain in the ass then whoever feels that way by definition would be an asshole.

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hearing a lot of buzz about this new firefox.

- checked f-droid: no firefox
- checked mozilla for apk: no dice

looks like the only official way to download firefox on mobile is through the Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store?


i mean, i'm seeing apk downloads elsewhere, but that's how you get mitm'd

@apLundell a friend was working in an amazon warehouse over last summer.

he was fulfulling a lot of orders for baseball bats and machetes

"so of course I bought a machete too, because i'm not going to be the only guy without a machete"

indie game the movie was good.

took me back to a time and place in my life that feels like ages ago now.

playing indie games on xbox 360 was my life.

cool to see the pov of the creators.

not featured:

- plugging the usb stick in without VLC
- plugging the usb into a playstation 4
- plugging the usb into an xbox 360
- remembering the xbox 360 has a media server
- beginning to go down the rabbit hole of installing a media server
- wondering i can just cast vlc to the tv
- searching for a vlc app on the tv
- fedi posting about my experiences (wait)

i can't help but think: maybe the tv should have been able to identify an mp4 on a thumbdrive by default.

and i wonder: what if all the "android smart TVs" didn't have google-scale conflict of interest against gapped portable media.

well, for anyone curious, the movie is for sale directly from the creators: buy.indiegamethemovie.com/

You can download the files after purchase or watch them right away in your web browser.

I got the special edition, so I'm pretty stoked to have a plethora of Special Features to check out after.

Feels like I bought a DVD I don't need to sleeve and lug around :D

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bought Indie Game the Movie to watch tonight.

wanted to figure out how to play it from the TV. downloaded VLC for Android on the TV and copied it to a USB stick. boom.

uspol hot take 


when i assume i'm on a state sanctioned watchlist in my own country because i have a former acquantaince that was convicted of a federal offense.

when i can guarantee that i'm on some list since both my cousin and i shared two different former employers with him and were all mutual phone contacts.

when understanding the how authorities were able to download the contents of his hard drive through bittorrent by isolating his IP address makes me an even more notable contact.

while my thoughts might not be readily available to query, every external aspect of my identity is available in a subpeona-able database or just straight up purchase. along with every other phone or social contact.

and that's just due diligence by authorities.

i think about this shit a lot and this is where a lot of my anxiety around social graphs stem from.

i just live my life knowing i'm pwned by the goverment because of the lengths we've gone to protect ourselves from terrorism.

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