@gabek @lindner it's been on the back of my mind for a long time, but i'm glad my first time was special 🤪

@lindner thanks for sharing hackers with me at dweb!

@gabek i'm not sure, but i think you should be able to sign up night of. i'm going to be at the archive tomorrow for lunch, I can ask.


there's a meetup later this month at the Internet Archive-- I'll be there


p.s. i'm also working solo currently and heard on stream might be looking for a little ui/ux love for owncast.

Today was such a wonderful day that I pushed breaking changes to production out of excitement.

today is monday.

currently operating as self-employed.

this is technically the thursday of my week, after my mid-week break-- for the normies "a week end".

i've found it better to start off with vague ambitions on wednesday and fumble through them thursday and friday. after a good perspective refresh, it is time to hone in on the bits that can actually be solved before the week ends.

so, the next couple days I'm going to be working on getting my custom html tags extended into QuillJS and then writing a publishing adapter to upload to web3.storage.

as a side-mission, I'll be buying a rubiks cube, since that'll assist with my new work that'll start wednedsay.


i haven't been as active lately. was chatting @ru about it yesterday.

i'm doing well. i'm trying to work for myself so i've needed to escape to here less than i've needed in the past.

i think that's overall a good thing.

but definitely diminishes my social contributions around here :/

smol begpost

trying out square for donation links.

"I'm creating a creative suite for children to make art, music, and code. I'm starting with coding to make the art and music programs so anyone can remix it later"


if any of that seems cooool, please maybe drop a dollar in the hat to help.

🎩 🎩 🎩square.link/u/gTSWa2sF
🎩 🎩 🎩

@teleclimber my only complaint so far is the denoctl command I ran failed when I tried to deploy.

to work around, i deployed through their gui by linking to a github repo that now deploys on push-- which is their blessed path.

i'm happy they're working on a way to not have to rely on github, but not fully there yet.

heavily wip and experimental right now, but this is the repo

supabase requires an .env config with a secret key and a couple tables provisioned, but just `deno task start` runs the whole thing and I've got a lot of confidence in production matching my local env with just a few seconds to deploy globally.

@baldur @teleclimber it can also read from file system. the project i'm working on now is

deno deploy (for frontend with deno fresh)
supabase (for backend)

i know supabase is aws under the hood, but worst case i can switch to self host. not sure about deno, but worst case, it is one of the easiest cli envs if i needed to diy.

@arh see, White Jesus, that's cultural appropriation.

i'd found a missions organization to send humanitarian aid to americans but would get assasinated by the megachurches that oppress them

if i started a solo electronic music thing i'd go by Yascho

yet another shitty chill hop orchestra

but contrarily, the worst thing someone could possibly do online is make you believe there was a previous post when there wasn't.


dweb camp


i am going to this (and also volunteering to get a free ticket) is anyone else?

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