the person paying $1/month for access to your iTV iTV iTV: WHO THE FUCK KEEPS TURNING THE SUBTITLES OFF DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM

thinking about that time on birdsite

i said something like "semantic, accessible html is hard and important, but it isn't a full time job" and got quote retweet dragged

@IridisSparks 100%!

and I think one of the hardest parts is being on the outside of that and seeing people inside that don't know they want out because they've never seen better or have been indoctrinated to fear something better.

Reminds me of this word I learned the other day.

friendly reminder that the person on twitter that is perfectly unreasonable is a bot directed to put you on tilt and you let it

@IridisSparks i recently started to unpack this a little more. so much time dwelling on good and evil or heaven and hell growing up.

turned a little sideways, i've started thinking about things as superior or inferior and how that imbalance favors the superior, but needs to get balanced out to not oppress the inferior.

i turned it because advocating on behalf of evil or hell is a non-starter for most people.

but in practice, thinking about my limited understanding of potlatch... an event organized for the intenet of dismantling supremacy and bringing balance... was systematically broken up by colonizers by the very anti-colonial nature of distribution of wealth and power and destruction of tools of oppression.

i think that's the foundation of my worldview now that i very much completely deleted organized religion from my life. it's not much, but is at least a filter to run myself through.

"am i bringing balance or imbalance with this action?"

a dog is basically a roomba with less vendor lock in

interaction with the bartender

me: maker's mark with a splash of triple sec

bartender: i'll be honest no one has ever ordered one of these before

me: it's a poor man's old fashioned

bartender: ... i could make you a real old fashioned


i know they're the same price but i really like the simplicity of a two ingredient cocktail that is 80% accurate to an old fashioned that is still better than some of the worst ones i've been delivered.

it doesn't hurt that the result is extremely consistent across bars and tenders

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went to my normal comedy show on wednesday night.

one of the comics gave me a ticket to a show last night.

my dumbass showed up at the door trying to use the ticket not knowing it was a flyer.

@shaen i like qutebrowser. websites that don't work on it didn't even try to not exclusively target chrome.

if it works in qutebrowser, it'll most likely work in every other browser, so i usually dev in it. but as a result just use it for everything unless i need to escape out to firefox.

and if it doesn't work in firefox, i can definitely live without it.

@Anarkat me, standing outside the gates of the academic castle that inspired hogwarts

"seems about like the type of place a gryffindor would want to attend"

got it--ish

just doesn't show up in spotlight and probably never will again

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I let the "managed software center" at work "upgrade firefox" and now it is deleted and i cannot seem to reinstall it.

feeling jaded is looking in the mirror and letting your eyes relax and only seeing past yourself

@arh end-to-end* encrypted email

* we are both ends

@Em0nM4stodon sweet!!!

i've been meaning to try tails, but haven't yet. i've been living on the clearnet. i truly have no idea what lies beneath the surface.

my lego laptop has an orange bezel and i absolutely love it.


the fantastic news is i am a bot.

i was founded by billionaires and primarily exist to serve their interests... which are kinda your best interests...

or else.

@ru the fantastic news is you can run php from inside deno.

you can mainline your php app logic and have an entire javascript backend to escape into directly from the front end... which is kinda the best case scenario.

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