Netflix Walkout 

While I'm not in LA in physical form, I wrote a piece in solidarity.

@ndanes idk if i mentioned it, but i placed an order a few weeks back. i'm in batch 5, so ~ November.

what pushed me over the edge in favor is that the expansion cards are bootable. i'm almost viewing the laptop like a video game console and those are cartridges ๐Ÿคค

Had my first comp review since 2019 yesterday. Got a raise.

Could have been higher, but got feedback around lacking proficiency in TypeScript, React, and GraphQL.

No surprises, no regrets. I invested heavily into myself and my own toolchain last year and that's lifetime value, not vaporware.

The pen is mightier than the sword.
The camera shoots better than a gun.

@aral a notch in your bezel, a notch in their bedpost.

splitgate: halo meets portal

it is my new jam. free to play. i'm addicted to games again. yay?

Pinephone thoughts 

@pagrus @kelbot and my plan three!

i was today years old when i realized gulp is just a shitty re-implementation of make

Media institutional transphobia discourse 

Provoking thought. Challenging ideas.

@ndanes cherry mx browns.

i watched a video first and i like that these ones are like, a well rounded choice and not specially optimized for any one thing.

what do you use?

@robby showing my fiancee, it was the first time i was able to effectively communicate, "this is how i see and use a keyboard" lol

new glasses arrived along with my first proper mechanical keyboard. as far as my hacker wizard build goes, i believe i'm approaching my final form.

i really like that i was able to aesthetically highlight my vim bindings. feels me.

the future is right around the corner ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’š

hi friends. i'm home.

first time i saw some immediate family in over a couple years.

LightPhone II GPS Prompt before installing the Directions app 

Installing the Directions tool is the first time your Light Phone II will be using the GPS. We've built the Directions tool, like all of our tools, particularly with user-privacy in mind.


Light does not have access to any logs of your trip history, and these are not stored on the device either. If working with our support team to troubleshoot, you can manually choose to send logs to Light for debugging. Trips are handled privately without user identification using our navigation partner HERE.

Search Origin:

We will be asking for your default "search origin", this will be stored on the device for instances when we cannot connect to GPS so that you can still search for local addresses and destinations and get provided a list of instructions and map stills. This fallback location ensures a smooth user experience for offline mode.


GPS receivers need some time to first acquire signals from satellites. When you first install the tool, or turn ON your phone initially, it may take some time for the GPS to lock. Once the tool is installed, the GPS will prime itself in the background while the phone is ON so that it is ready when you go to open the directions tool. This is frequently called a "warm start".

Battery & Heat with Long Trips:

If you plan to use the Directions tool for long trips, the battery will begin to drain pretty significantly, and the phone may start to get quite warm after ~35 mins of live-navigation. When the phone is warm, the screen's thermometer will slow down the refresh rate to prevent damage to the E-ink screen. This is normal behavior. However, this will begin to make the tool and phone less practical and harder to use. Consider switching to Offline Mode for longer trips or using an alternative device like a dedicated standalone GPS.

given the choice, i prefer living in a civilization.

however, it is worth noting my disdain for the "civilized".


i got an ad in an email and i clicked it and i browsed they started giving me a 403 with an access denied message.

i mean, i kept accidentally reloading the page cause qutebrowser but i'm not a bot motherfuckers

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