reflecting on the mastodon conversations the other night.

i mentioned how i'm on five instances and someone said "sounds like an open discord" and that got me thinking...

my ideal client would be a discord/slack like UI, where each "server" or "channel" is an instance's local timeline and when I engage in it, that comes from my identity in that context.

very rarely am i trying to bring my clunky amalgamous self into niche subspaces, especially wrt community guidelines.

to this, it would almost seem necessary to have a higher-order identity system to make traversing multiple spaces more seamless.

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@tychi why are you on five instances 👀, i dont think that's the point of the platform? unless ur anon and the instances are super niche topics? I think that would be super overwhelming to manage. I do think there's something to be said about the slack / discord model, and merging that with the free posting / microblog style.

@thomasreggi it is a bit to manage, but i'm finding it more practical to follow communities than to follow people.

after being here for two years individual accounts come and go and people get lost in the shuffle.

i think i'm getting value this way since it's like hitting the federated sweet spot. i get more relevant content from local timelines than i would being on just one instance and relying on an over crowded federated timeline.

@thomasreggi i guess also for illustration, this is how I categorize my accounts

- foss extremeism
- cultural minimalism
- irl friends only
- main digital self (here hi me!)
- lol

@tychi @ru Huh. You used to be able to connect to Twitter via gaim or Adium (or both? I forget). I used it for a while and it acted largely like you describe, at least for that single connection.

@tychi perhaps an additional @ symbol to resolve your global identity to your local server to your account

@matt oooh, so i could have my @@ty be my main since we're "METAPHORICALLY" occupying the same closet.

and then all the servers in other people's closets or pockets i have accounts on use @@ty as like single sign on?

@tychi or @ty@global

It’s impossible to have too many at signs!

@matt would handshake dns work for this? like, each user has a wallet type of app locally with a domain-like identity and third-party services would need to authenticate access across handshake, but then people could be logged in through this third-parties on the clearnet?

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