dweb camp


i am going to this (and also volunteering to get a free ticket) is anyone else?

@tychi i participated in a virtual dweb thing maybe a year ago and i was a bit switched off because it was Blockchain heavy.

By all means please let us know how it is!


@teleclimber my only complaint so far is the denoctl command I ran failed when I tried to deploy.

to work around, i deployed through their gui by linking to a github repo that now deploys on push-- which is their blessed path.

i'm happy they're working on a way to not have to rely on github, but not fully there yet.

heavily wip and experimental right now, but this is the repo

supabase requires an .env config with a secret key and a couple tables provisioned, but just `deno task start` runs the whole thing and I've got a lot of confidence in production matching my local env with just a few seconds to deploy globally.

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