any indie hackers out there making smol mp3 players?

i've been rocking a sandisk, but recently dropped it and broke the clip.

so i'm not trying to replace that, but curious if i can buy one from anyone on fedi?

i'm looking for something that runs on a raspberry pi zero 2 or smaller, can be plugged into a computer as a USB drive, can browse artist/album/song, play/shuffle/repeat.

non-negotiable: has enough courage to expose a headphone jack.

more than happy to over-pay to support the craft.



I vaguely recall @djsundog was doing something like that sometime back but I don't know how far it got or if it was intended as a product.

@suetanvil @tychi the #soundslab isn't entirely abandoned, but it's also not getting much active love on my workbench right now. it will make a reappearance at some point though for sure. I don't know if it will ever reach a point where it's a good choice for someone else to put together compared to other options, though.

@M0YNG that's super dope-- i want exactly that but with a battery :)

@tychi Very similar to what I'd like too (a smol, dedicated music device .. e.g. running, cycling, etc).


Anyone know any tiny AM/FM radios w/ headphone jack?

(with or without MP3 capability?)

@float13 not a custom thing, but that sandisk i linked has FM radio built in


This might work - I wonder if taking the time to make it run Rockbox would improve the experience over a full linux OS (although the Python-based sw on this does look easier to understand and maintain than I imagine Rockbox would be)

@tychi I've been using nothing but MPD ( since 2010. Now it's installed on a RPi3 of its own, hooked to my stereo. Very happy with this setup. No idea about a portable, pocketable solution though.

@tychi If you find it, please let me know! I want exactly this, but with an sd-card slot so I can put a couple hundred gigs of music on it.

@jamesvasile picked this one up the other day.

i missed it on the first pass cause 8gb, but it has that sd card slot. i like the screen more than on the one i linked above too. and this one is so tiny. not enough usage yet to comment on battery.

@tychi That looks pretty perfect. I might pick one up! thank you.

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