our storage unit in the apartment garage was burgalurized last night.

AFAIK I only had two things stolen:

Xbox One: Good riddance tbh

Wii U: Sadly, this was planned to be the device I'd use to be able to play every Zelda game I'd own. Still needed to mod it.

I vowed to not buy any more proprietary gaming hardware or software (apart from the Atari VCS I pre-ordered and games for that). My vow includes replacing broken systems. I didn't think I'd need to worry about stolen either, but here we are.

It is actually kinda funny where I'm at currently. That's the fifth time I've been robbed in ~2 years and I'm not like "fuck any of those people" but like "fuck nintendo and all the social issues that have led to someone needing to rob me to acess whatever basic need they had unmet."

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Reflecting on this really makes me miss the bowling equipment I had stolen.

I didn't really grow up with a lot of money, so I really took care of the few things I did have. Bowling, like most sports, it doesn't matter how much you spend, you're either good or bad.

I've only ever owned a single pair of shoes that I got when I stopped growing. They weren't great, but they were mine. The inner side of the sole, close to my right big toe was worn fully down, flush from sliding.

The seams were bursting around the tongue on both shoes. I'd only ever tied them less than a dozen times. I kept 'em loose to slide 'em on and off. I worked at the lanes, so I'd need to be running around a lot of different places.

It is surprisingly easy to ruin a pair of bowling shoes. Step in soda, you need to replace whatever the slide panel is called.

No idea what that is called, because I never needed to replace them in over 15 years and four states.


my journey the past few years has kinda prepped me for this.

like, neither the xbox nor the nintendo really fit my worldview anymore.

they're guilty pleasures of mine. they're not my identity anymore.

my future is going to be filled with more things like my ragged bowling shoes and less like e-waste black boxes.

but what concerns me about that future is... how will all the people that needed to steal and pawn e-waste black boxes survive?

midi advice, reboost maybe? 

Okay, so piggybacking on this thread with some positive hindsight and perspective...

I've still got a set of xbox one drums with the pro cymbals.

I know nothing about midi things. Has anyone had any luck using this particular drumset combo for making music over midi? If so, how do?

did i even just ask a question? that's how much i know about midi?


@tychi Steal, trade, eat, repeat.

That’s a lot of robberies in only 2 years.

I’m really sorry for your Wii U. It’s among the best gaming gear ever made. Coincidentally, I’ve just spent two hours lurking the internet for some Miiverse nostalgia.

I envy your will to walk on the path of minimalism. The world needs that (but you still need a Wii U).


@meduz honestly, more reasons to make friends that have wii u's now :D

i still have all my games since those were in the apartment.

three of the robberies were my catalytic converter. this photo was taken in between the second and third.

in an absolutely bonkers addition to this saga...

after the second time my car was vandalized, I lowered my insurance deductible from $500/mo to $50/mo.

When the catalytic converter was stolen that last time, I paid my $50 insurance deductible, and insurance covered the rest, just shy of $4,000.

I guess the platinum from the catalytic converters is able to be pawned for $200-300. It's a super frequent crime in the Bay Area, Toyota Prius being the most common make/model for a target.

I don't want to speculate, but if the jackers, autobodies, pawners, manufacturers, and insurers collaborated, that'd be a racket right?


@tychi Or maybe electric cars manufacturers are simply making sure you know how inconvenient fossile energy can be. 🙃


@meduz ugh, I did end up buying a hybrid after the third one, so you nailed i.

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