i know i say i got my start in web dev with myspace and that's true, but...

notpr0n is where I was able to cut my teeth with my new found "hacking" abilities

if you've never played that game and are into solving riddles, you're gonna have a great time.

my friends and I started working together in high school. we got to some level with an x-ray of a hand that very likely had to do with binary, but we couldn't figure it out and gave up.

I try every now and then again, but always get stuck on level 16 iirc.

the game is basically getting from one page to the next. Sometimes that's as simple as clicking a link. Others, it's viewing the source to find a username and password. For many more it's esoteric google searches for clues all around. Photo and audio manipulation make appearances too.

it touches on so many elements in the creator's toolbox. it's a challenge though, so do it with a friend and bounce ideas off each other, if it sounds interesting at all.

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