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Hey, I'm TyChi. You might have seen me other places in the small web, but this is my hangout spot.

Keep it cool.

in a tangentially related note, I ordered the Light Phone II this morning.

the killer feature that sold me? a headphone jack.

cc @tomasino and @jbauer

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got a presentation i'm going to attend today and want to watch it on the TV

trying to figure out how to get the stream from Zoom to the TV

trying and failing to open the link in the browser to be able to cast the tab

reached out to a random slack thread at work like, "how do"

and the obvious answer is: HDMI cable.

never underestimate the power of high quality, standardized hardware.

lol, looking at an old blog post and I think this is a gem:

> You might also notice async and await in there. async is a way of saying, “This function can run in parallel” and await can only be used in an async function. When you use await, you’re telling the code to not continue until until you get a response back, which is why it needs to run in an async, parallel executing function.

> To incorporate this with the first example, you text your friend, “Dinner tonight?” and then stare at your phone for 2 hours until they respond back to you. The day itself continued to move along, but you were just anxiously awaiting their response and incapable of doing anything else, just like me whenever I send a text.

played overwatch this am.

wanted to join a group to get some socialization in.

found a group, about ready to go.

dude: "wait how old is everyone"

me: "like 30"

dude: "you know what you gotta do"

and then i'm booted.

i don't always use python, but when i do

python3 -m http.server --cgi 8000

if the only art you enjoy was made by swaths of over worked and underpaid people, you're not a connoisseur, you are the commission.

i know i say i got my start in web dev with myspace and that's true, but...

notpr0n is where I was able to cut my teeth with my new found "hacking" abilities

if you've never played that game and are into solving riddles, you're gonna have a great time.

my friends and I started working together in high school. we got to some level with an x-ray of a hand that very likely had to do with binary, but we couldn't figure it out and gave up.

I try every now and then again, but always get stuck on level 16 iirc.

the game is basically getting from one page to the next. Sometimes that's as simple as clicking a link. Others, it's viewing the source to find a username and password. For many more it's esoteric google searches for clues all around. Photo and audio manipulation make appearances too.

it touches on so many elements in the creator's toolbox. it's a challenge though, so do it with a friend and bounce ideas off each other, if it sounds interesting at all.

if i had to guess, i think putting everything including business logic into a single file is going to be way more painful down the road than had we adhered to a clear separation of concerns all along

<button class="person" id="dave">Dave</button> 

const people = {
data: {
dave: {
bio: 'Into Frogs'
render: function(id) {
const person =[id];
return `<p>${}</p>`;

document.addEventListener('click', (event) => {
if('.person')) {

was reading an article earlier that talked about testing keyboards.


whatever razer keyboard this is:

my work thinkpad T14s:

my system76 lemur pro:


I guess some keyboards are better at registering multiple key presses at the same time. clearly my gaming keyboard was optimized for this.

What's super interesting is that the results from the test are 100% reproducible on my machines. I'm curious if they're reproducible across the same make and model or if eccentricities are are unique to the individual keybord.

like, does everyone's lemur just blatantly ignore the space bar and the letter Q or is it just mine?

if the govt really has as much data as we think they do...

can i delete all my local backups and do a cloud restore from the NSA via the FOIA?

all software is technical debt if you really think about it

it's not been a particularly productive day so far, but i'm alive and i'm going to go for a walk to celebrate.

the fact is that i didn't feel seen until i joined fedi

and now that i'm here, a lot of y'all are way better at being me than I ever imagined, so i'm just ready to chill tf out now and let you do ur thing

i have been awake for one hour and 6 minutes and odd seconds today so far

working on a prototype for work this week.

happened to come across this article this AM:

I"m not going to be using any frameworks and the passing mention of "Immediate Mode" in the conclusion has peaked my interest.

I guess this is a great PSA for requestAnimationFrame because that approach is relatively straightforward in a web browser.

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