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i am ephemeral with the knowledge that my mind might change tomorrow and whatever i posted yesterday on the internet is archived eternally but may or may not be a reflection of who i am today.

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after over a year on the fediverse, i think i've figured out what this is and where we are.

this is where people are either indepedent artists exploring their digital identities freely without compromise or

the platform of the commons for people that were banned or scorned by other platforms for whatever reason.

it's possible to be both, but i don't think it is possible to be neither. it's possible to spectrum on either axis.

in this year, i've found myself to be more drawn to the artists and and repelled by the soldiers. i've exhibited traits from every different angle. i know i was angry and bitter for a while. like. i was never not spiteful on the internet until like super recently.

i'm getting better every day.

if you post things you enjoy on the internet, thank you.

if you post things you hate, get help.

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@tindall I think a lot about all the friends I've lost due to decisions made in conference rooms by people looking at charts trying to get promotions.

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Self Portrait of myself.

Unlike most self portraits, I am flashing two peace signs.

This was taken today on a Fujifilm Finepix JX on a tripod with a 10 second timer, double exposure. one with flash and one without.

This is the version with flash, so my skin is a little over exposed. So like, hella white. My blue eyes pop against the contrast.

My smirk covers my teeth, my biggest insecurity.

I'm wearing a snapback hat backwards, my hair flowing out from underneath.

My 80s style wristwatch peeks out from under the left sleeve of a sweatshirt of Atari's Missle Command arcade game.

A table is behind me, with a bubble maker and bubbles on top with a cooler below it.

I'm squatting for no other reason than not being quite sure where the frame began and ended.

The photo was taken to test lighting conditions for a family photo.

One and done, but I really like my style. I wear the watch every day. I regularly wear the sweatshirt...


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Hey, I'm TyChi. You might have seen me other places in the small web, but this is my hangout spot.

Keep it cool.

Netflix Walkout 

While I'm not in LA in physical form, I wrote a piece in solidarity.

Had my first comp review since 2019 yesterday. Got a raise.

Could have been higher, but got feedback around lacking proficiency in TypeScript, React, and GraphQL.

No surprises, no regrets. I invested heavily into myself and my own toolchain last year and that's lifetime value, not vaporware.

The pen is mightier than the sword.
The camera shoots better than a gun.

splitgate: halo meets portal

it is my new jam. free to play. i'm addicted to games again. yay?

i was today years old when i realized gulp is just a shitty re-implementation of make

Media institutional transphobia discourse 

Provoking thought. Challenging ideas.

new glasses arrived along with my first proper mechanical keyboard. as far as my hacker wizard build goes, i believe i'm approaching my final form.

i really like that i was able to aesthetically highlight my vim bindings. feels me.

the future is right around the corner ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’š

hi friends. i'm home.

first time i saw some immediate family in over a couple years.

LightPhone II GPS Prompt before installing the Directions app 

Installing the Directions tool is the first time your Light Phone II will be using the GPS. We've built the Directions tool, like all of our tools, particularly with user-privacy in mind.


Light does not have access to any logs of your trip history, and these are not stored on the device either. If working with our support team to troubleshoot, you can manually choose to send logs to Light for debugging. Trips are handled privately without user identification using our navigation partner HERE.

Search Origin:

We will be asking for your default "search origin", this will be stored on the device for instances when we cannot connect to GPS so that you can still search for local addresses and destinations and get provided a list of instructions and map stills. This fallback location ensures a smooth user experience for offline mode.


GPS receivers need some time to first acquire signals from satellites. When you first install the tool, or turn ON your phone initially, it may take some time for the GPS to lock. Once the tool is installed, the GPS will prime itself in the background while the phone is ON so that it is ready when you go to open the directions tool. This is frequently called a "warm start".

Battery & Heat with Long Trips:

If you plan to use the Directions tool for long trips, the battery will begin to drain pretty significantly, and the phone may start to get quite warm after ~35 mins of live-navigation. When the phone is warm, the screen's thermometer will slow down the refresh rate to prevent damage to the E-ink screen. This is normal behavior. However, this will begin to make the tool and phone less practical and harder to use. Consider switching to Offline Mode for longer trips or using an alternative device like a dedicated standalone GPS.

given the choice, i prefer living in a civilization.

however, it is worth noting my disdain for the "civilized".


i got an ad in an email and i clicked it and i browsed they started giving me a 403 with an access denied message.

i mean, i kept accidentally reloading the page cause qutebrowser but i'm not a bot motherfuckers

i just ordered a framework laptop...

and bought a copy of windows... it can run off a storage expansion card.

the real question is: what flavor of OS will go on the main drive?

it'll be a machine wholly for fun, so i'm like hello system, serenity os, or plan 9 all sound fun. or maybe i can triple boot all three of those on an expansion card?

maybe making the main system guix.

i've been really enjoying Pop_OS! lately, but the stability is too stable and i'm looking to spice up my life.

i've been playing with deno packaging for the last few days.

my code packages easily.

mini and gzipped, tag clocks in at 1.5kb. lazy loading the vdom dependency, 12kb in all. to toot my own horn, that's smaller than react and react-dom and that's before deciding it's only possible to build with create-react-app.

i digress. what i'm finding though, various dependencies i'm trying to transform via don't work.

I'll follow up with their maintainers.

wanted to just jot the thought down here though: javascript has quite the checkered past as it pertains to bundling. node itself has hot takes that get hotter every day.

if you package js, please verify it bundles with deno too, lest you be straddled with a legacy codebase of node-isms that only serve to fulfill the prophecy of "the web is broken"

how to bundle with deno? I'm glad you asked.

deno bundle input.js output.js

oh, how to install deno?

how to have simple, reproducible cross platform builds?

saw a lady walking a turtle earlier.

maybe a tortoise?

it was pretty big. it was off leash.

she had a pizza paddle. i'm guessing to herd it.

that was the most eventful thing of my day.

that feeling when you write a js framework that has a smaller ttr than your notably tiny css framework.

about to dive into two and a half hours of meetings.

my habit is to wake up and then check my calendar and today's realization was "welp, guess i do not have time to shower first good thing video conferencing is not equipped for scent yet"

had a bad experience at a restaurant last night.

it reminded me of the time i had an experience at a movie theater. that one was so bad, someone else witnessed what happened to me and wrote a negative review online before i could ๐Ÿ˜‚

requestAnimationFrame(() => requestAnimationFrame(() => requestAnimationFrame(() => requestAnimationFrame(() => null))))

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