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An .

I am @tychi. An internet artist.

I enjoy emerging mediums, which practically means i'm an technologist and anything that can evoke human emotion from a digital signal is my instrument.

My latest project is There's not much there, besides Silly, the keyboard kid and the private journals available on every 404 page.

I've built two tools for building my web things and Some people think they're cool, which is nice, but they're mostly for me so it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks-- but I share them publicly so anyone can benefit from my progress.

Lately, I've been trying to learn formal programming methodologies less and music more. I've got hyperhidrosis which leads to playing music in live environments frustrating at best and impossible at worst-- so i've taken to synthetic instruments.

Ultimately, I would like to make indie games. I love that the medium encompasses so many disciplines into a single neat package. Writing, composing, illustrating, animating, programming all create beautiful simulations of worlds unfathomable.

But first, I'm surviving our collective dystopia-- participating in the fine balancing act of procuring food and shelter against satisfying the desires of our hearts.

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@meduz @celia

i am ephemeral with the knowledge that my mind might change tomorrow and whatever i posted yesterday on the internet is archived eternally but may or may not be a reflection of who i am today.

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after over a year on the fediverse, i think i've figured out what this is and where we are.

this is where people are either indepedent artists exploring their digital identities freely without compromise or

the platform of the commons for people that were banned or scorned by other platforms for whatever reason.

it's possible to be both, but i don't think it is possible to be neither. it's possible to spectrum on either axis.

in this year, i've found myself to be more drawn to the artists and and repelled by the soldiers. i've exhibited traits from every different angle. i know i was angry and bitter for a while. like. i was never not spiteful on the internet until like super recently.

i'm getting better every day.

if you post things you enjoy on the internet, thank you.

if you post things you hate, get help.

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@tindall I think a lot about all the friends I've lost due to decisions made in conference rooms by people looking at charts trying to get promotions.

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Self Portrait of myself.

Unlike most self portraits, I am flashing two peace signs.

This was taken today on a Fujifilm Finepix JX on a tripod with a 10 second timer, double exposure. one with flash and one without.

This is the version with flash, so my skin is a little over exposed. So like, hella white. My blue eyes pop against the contrast.

My smirk covers my teeth, my biggest insecurity.

I'm wearing a snapback hat backwards, my hair flowing out from underneath.

My 80s style wristwatch peeks out from under the left sleeve of a sweatshirt of Atari's Missle Command arcade game.

A table is behind me, with a bubble maker and bubbles on top with a cooler below it.

I'm squatting for no other reason than not being quite sure where the frame began and ended.

The photo was taken to test lighting conditions for a family photo.

One and done, but I really like my style. I wear the watch every day. I regularly wear the sweatshirt...


i used to think the biggest loser was a show about people trying to lose weight.

turns out the winner was actually a former us president trying to abolish the constitution.

a simple math problem to eliminate gerrymandering 

elected representatives are currently based geographically. this is problematic as it encourages war strategy in civil society.

thinking another way, each landmass has a monetary value based on a myriad of factors, the exploited piece by war tactics.

if each landmass is also represented by an individual and everyone on that landmass at their mercy.

instead, what if multiple individuals shared the responsibility and only represented the people that elected them.

there would be no more “winning” at “elections” and instead, as people re-allocate their vote, power ebbs and flows. only one vote is required to be elected.

i could represent 5 people, get .0001% of the resources to do the most with it to keep my constituents happy and maybe garner more.

if i’m just spending all my time campaigning, i’m probably getting fired.

remember kids, only super villains advocate for zero sick days.

twitter files 

all joking aside-- the root of the problem here is: mother fuckers trying to control the narrative.

the fact that "twitter files" is even something that any of us talk about is non-news.

media was consolidated into entities that could be counted on less than two hands.

if we're going to get up in arms about shit, let us get up in arms about shit.

the problem isn't that social media influences elections-- it's that the results are unpredictable to the powerful people that used to predict with higher precision, e.g. had the capabilities of influencing elections.

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twitter files 

it is always the people with billions of dollars talking about broke kids influencing elections and it's just like

that's democracy???????

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twitter files 

if i ever had a social media platform, no politicians would be allowed on it and if they said i was influencing elections i'd say

"hell yeah man get rekt"

@cadey buying sonic frontiers after your review. i’m a true lover of the classic 2d and worked my 100% speedrun time of sonic mania to be sub 2 hours during the pandemic.

i’m excited— this will be my first stab at a 3D sonic since Sonic Adventures!

i have a dentist appointment today

paying out of pocket but if i do get paid this month.

the biggest challenge i'm having in running my own business is determining a business expense.

i think just about everything about living in modern society is expensable though.

going to the dentist? wouldn't be doing that if i wasn't trying to be employable.

that's a business expense.

i'm going to jail.

i think i cancelled most of my irl friends once it was pointed out to me that every one of them shoves advice down my throat that i've never asked for in an attempt to normalize me when i've never once indicated i had any interest in normalization.

victoria's work holiday party was last night.

the dance floor wasn't super popular, so i had a blast with it.

my favorite OH was like "omg he's like wednesday addams"

i mean, my outfit was black on black floral jacket, black on black tuxedo pants, black on black checkered slip-on vans and an unassuming white shirt.

and my dance moves were exaggerated, but surprisingly on beat. people were laughing and i was having fun.

her coworkers are looking forward to bowling with me in a couple weeks.

stable diffusion jake gyllenhaal; partial nudities; the most terrifying eye contact 

you cannot unsee the eyes

My five favorite things?

I like to draw. I love to add flair to everything. I like to know when things happen. I like to learn and I like to teach.

If you understand those five concepts you can learn my programming paradigm.

That's the vocabulary.


canadians take note because your hands are bloody too

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the prompt was “what is potlatch and why is it banned”

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non-americans curious about american politics, but not really, look no further! i have just the distillation you need.

this is an excerpt from an article written by an AI comedy model that got trained exclusively on banned books:

“all problems in this country can be traced back to a system most similar to domain squatting— some might say it was genocide, but that’s just bad PR, so we call it Real Estate and the class system it invokes does all the oppression for us, so we sleep well at night knowing our business is none of your business!”

i think about the time i went to egypt.

i went with some colonial cosplayers by proxy that were kind of a dick to me and everyone really.

i have this cat statue i got for free. i speak the universal language of poverty and made friends throughout the trip.

some guy gave me the cat to spite one of our travel companions. she said she wanted to buy something, specifically a cat (after i had recently bought an elephant), and she bought nothing after this guy showed her all the cat items in his store.

we were at his cafe, so i gave him twenty US dollars for our drinks.

he gave me the statue, looked at her and said, “you know why i’m giving this to you, thank you” and i guarantee she could have paid a dollar for it and avoided a world of conflict, but she’s a “world traveler,” what the fuck do i know about culture.

in an uber heading home from san francisco

i drank but i am not drunk

i’m not sober either, but i’m reminded.

another time, another me.

riding home, i thought, “why not hear this man through?”

after all, it’s just a transamerica pyramid scheme.

people that claim states rights have benefited from the federated model of the united states.

that does translate into the digital world because the rest of us don’t want to foot the bill for hate speech.

speech is free, resources are not, packets returned upon receipt.

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