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@tindall I think a lot about all the friends I've lost due to decisions made in conference rooms by people looking at charts trying to get promotions.

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Self Portrait of myself.

Unlike most self portraits, I am flashing two peace signs.

This was taken today on a Fujifilm Finepix JX on a tripod with a 10 second timer, double exposure. one with flash and one without.

This is the version with flash, so my skin is a little over exposed. So like, hella white. My blue eyes pop against the contrast.

My smirk covers my teeth, my biggest insecurity.

I'm wearing a snapback hat backwards, my hair flowing out from underneath.

My 80s style wristwatch peeks out from under the left sleeve of a sweatshirt of Atari's Missle Command arcade game.

A table is behind me, with a bubble maker and bubbles on top with a cooler below it.

I'm squatting for no other reason than not being quite sure where the frame began and ended.

The photo was taken to test lighting conditions for a family photo.

One and done, but I really like my style. I wear the watch every day. I regularly wear the sweatshirt...


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Free as in free beer
Free as in free speech
Free as in free puppy
Free as in free from
Free as in free to

When you talk about freedom, which one do you mean?

Personally, I'm usually talking free puppy because it is a lot of work to take care of it, but it is well worth the effort if you can handle the commitment.

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Hey, I'm TyChi. You might have seen me other places in the small web, but this is my hangout spot.

Keep it cool.

oh, i forgot the punchline.

i was called into my professor's office to talk about my subject matter.

after going back and forth a bit, she said, "You can convince anyone of anything!" as if I was bastardizing language itself.

I responded, "sounds like I should have gotten an A on my persuasive essay then" but that wasn't persuasive enough.

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had a friend compliment my writing today.

reminded me of that one time at Liberty University where i needed to re-write an essay.

english 102. persuasive essay.

the only constraint was it had to be on the short story A Rose for Emily.

I decided to take the position that Homer and Tobe were secretly lovers.

Since the story took place in the Antebellum South, being gay-- you'd would need to be very discrete. Even as an author, you'd not be able to publish such content straight-up. Especially for a mixed couple.

The crux of my argument was that Emily simply had too much to lose. She needed to kill Homer so that Tobe wouldn't move north with him. She needed Tobe because she couldn't care for herself.

She couldn't bear the thought of being a woman, alone, in the south. The power she once held-- fleeting.

So she kept Homer's body so Tobe wouldn't leave. And he didn't because he loved Homer. And there was nothing he could do.

anyway, had to re-write the essay. not the Liberty Way.

hey @darius :)

has like, a "follower timeline" been thought about for hometown?

just curious atm. in a "what are the people that i attract talking about right now" kinda mood

import {
} from 'ion.js'

coming soon. 0 dependencies.

i'm feeling some shit today. been listening to watsky all week.

listened to the pocast i recorded with a friend from years and years ago. a couple episodes took place over community college years.

i was so insecure about it.

truth is, i got the best education of my life in those two years at CCCC.

fuck everyone that made me feel either dumb or broke about it.

it's not my fault i was up against operation varsity blues.

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when i moved to california, i just switched from saying "wicked" to saying "hella"

said it one time in a group of colleagues to a puzzled look.

me: "everyone says hella in california?"

them, in a agreement: "nah, nobody says hella"

dawggg, all my friends say hella and i bet the people you vacationed with on the cape also thought no one said wicked there either.

i ain't never been to the vineyard tho cause i was a true local

it's almost 4am
monday in my room again

got a crazy vision of a dream
escaping from my pen

i'll be swinging going down
fuck that noise no way no how

you're listening to this song
but i'm working on the next one now

lol. jury duty.

i hadn't been summoned for ten years.

then i was in a courtroom feb 2020. everyone was like, "okay, three week case... pandemic with an incubation period of two weeks... how's this gonna go?"

didn't get selected.

anyway, haven't seen my family in over a year.

my dad is literally here for a day on a stopover in july. i haven't seen him since sept 2019.

new jury duty summons for the one day he's here: his birthday.

i'm gonna move it but lololololol

Internet years are like dog years.

"I got my start in web development 105 years ago with Macromedia Flash"

The most important tool in any websurfer's satchel?

Street smarts.

Remember: if you see something, close the tab and run away.

why did the chicken cross the playground? 

to get to the other slide.

If you bought $35 a raspberry pi in February 2012, you spent about 7 bitcoins.

okay morning routine of fedi: complete

time to shift 10 feet from the kitchen table and my personal laptop to my desk and my professional laptop with the ctrl key in the wrong location.

pet peeve:

this track has sound effects that resemble my notification sound and i keep checking my phone even though it's on silent

just had a vivid recollection.

living in an apartment where water from the tub would get the outside of the tub's floor trim moldy.

to solve this, i put a towel there.

absorb the water, no mold, right?

never really changed the towel.

must have been a year.

i think someone moved the towel once and screamed.

it started growing mushrooms in it.

so i threw away the towel.

and bought another one and put it in the same spot.

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