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An .

I am @tychi. An internet artist.

I enjoy emerging mediums, which practically means i'm an technologist and anything that can evoke human emotion from a digital signal is my instrument.

My latest project is There's not much there, besides Silly, the keyboard kid and the private journals available on every 404 page.

I've built two tools for building my web things and Some people think they're cool, which is nice, but they're mostly for me so it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks-- but I share them publicly so anyone can benefit from my progress.

Lately, I've been trying to learn formal programming methodologies less and music more. I've got hyperhidrosis which leads to playing music in live environments frustrating at best and impossible at worst-- so i've taken to synthetic instruments.

Ultimately, I would like to make indie games. I love that the medium encompasses so many disciplines into a single neat package. Writing, composing, illustrating, animating, programming all create beautiful simulations of worlds unfathomable.

But first, I'm surviving our collective dystopia-- participating in the fine balancing act of procuring food and shelter against satisfying the desires of our hearts.

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@meduz @celia

i am ephemeral with the knowledge that my mind might change tomorrow and whatever i posted yesterday on the internet is archived eternally but may or may not be a reflection of who i am today.

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after over a year on the fediverse, i think i've figured out what this is and where we are.

this is where people are either indepedent artists exploring their digital identities freely without compromise or

the platform of the commons for people that were banned or scorned by other platforms for whatever reason.

it's possible to be both, but i don't think it is possible to be neither. it's possible to spectrum on either axis.

in this year, i've found myself to be more drawn to the artists and and repelled by the soldiers. i've exhibited traits from every different angle. i know i was angry and bitter for a while. like. i was never not spiteful on the internet until like super recently.

i'm getting better every day.

if you post things you enjoy on the internet, thank you.

if you post things you hate, get help.

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@tindall I think a lot about all the friends I've lost due to decisions made in conference rooms by people looking at charts trying to get promotions.

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Self Portrait of myself.

Unlike most self portraits, I am flashing two peace signs.

This was taken today on a Fujifilm Finepix JX on a tripod with a 10 second timer, double exposure. one with flash and one without.

This is the version with flash, so my skin is a little over exposed. So like, hella white. My blue eyes pop against the contrast.

My smirk covers my teeth, my biggest insecurity.

I'm wearing a snapback hat backwards, my hair flowing out from underneath.

My 80s style wristwatch peeks out from under the left sleeve of a sweatshirt of Atari's Missle Command arcade game.

A table is behind me, with a bubble maker and bubbles on top with a cooler below it.

I'm squatting for no other reason than not being quite sure where the frame began and ended.

The photo was taken to test lighting conditions for a family photo.

One and done, but I really like my style. I wear the watch every day. I regularly wear the sweatshirt...


@lindner thanks for sharing hackers with me at dweb!

Today was such a wonderful day that I pushed breaking changes to production out of excitement.

today is monday.

currently operating as self-employed.

this is technically the thursday of my week, after my mid-week break-- for the normies "a week end".

i've found it better to start off with vague ambitions on wednesday and fumble through them thursday and friday. after a good perspective refresh, it is time to hone in on the bits that can actually be solved before the week ends.

so, the next couple days I'm going to be working on getting my custom html tags extended into QuillJS and then writing a publishing adapter to upload to

as a side-mission, I'll be buying a rubiks cube, since that'll assist with my new work that'll start wednedsay.


i haven't been as active lately. was chatting @ru about it yesterday.

i'm doing well. i'm trying to work for myself so i've needed to escape to here less than i've needed in the past.

i think that's overall a good thing.

but definitely diminishes my social contributions around here :/

smol begpost

trying out square for donation links.

"I'm creating a creative suite for children to make art, music, and code. I'm starting with coding to make the art and music programs so anyone can remix it later"

if any of that seems cooool, please maybe drop a dollar in the hat to help.

🎩 🎩 🎩
🎩 🎩 🎩

i'd found a missions organization to send humanitarian aid to americans but would get assasinated by the megachurches that oppress them

if i started a solo electronic music thing i'd go by Yascho

yet another shitty chill hop orchestra

but contrarily, the worst thing someone could possibly do online is make you believe there was a previous post when there wasn't.


dweb camp

i am going to this (and also volunteering to get a free ticket) is anyone else?

alright, officially changing my employment status from unemployed.

I am officially self-employed with zero income!

I've created an LLC for

My first business expense was also an iPhone SE with Airpods to let people know I am Super Serious about Sillyz' Computer

i am the best at what i do in a ten foot radius right now only.

My dumbass found my license!

It was in my wallet. I never open my wallet because i usually just walk around with loose cards in my pocket.

My smartass put the license in there while packing for safe keeping.

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haven't really seen one pair of glasses and broke the other pair and the backup pair makes me feel like someone who hasn't been that me for a long time but also the prescription is out of date.

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Move went well yesterday!

The only thing I lost was my... driver's license!

it was in my pocket all day, but fell out when shifting or lifting something.

The next one was better.


"What if a True Neutral super hero existed?"

My response:

"Dave is a machine. Tracks trends of power and destruction and the potential of heroes and villians. Notes the power struggle creates an infinite feedback loop, with more casualties and more cost with each iteration. Goal is to preserve society and limit risk."

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Packing and cleaning the apartment to move. Came across an old writing notebook.

A prompt:

"What if robots ran the justice system"

My resonse:

"Dave is a lawyer. I'm already bored of this idea."

what if:
the billionaires aren't trying to get to space but

create manufacturing plants in orbit where the workers believe earth is uninhabitable and while the conditions are exploitative, that is just the nature of residing in space and they're lucky to be alive and that only works if everyone does their part so they're happy for sacrificing.

but instead of space and the future, this is exactly how the world works today, but space is the uninhabitable sector and the only reason space is on the table right now is because it is more difficult to regulate human rights

and stopping this culmination is the the series finale of squid game.

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