It may be psychological, but since I turned 40 it looks like my body is starting to fall apart. I would have never thought that a shoulder tendonitis would be such a painful thing to have. And the worst thing is that it came out of nowhere…

Sunset at Finisterre, the westernmost part of the peninsular Spain. The picture is taken from below the lighthouse there.

Today, in Catalonia, we celebrate St George’s Day by giving books and roses to our loved ones. More info here:

pandemic fatigue, health issues 

And now my back hurts again 😄

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pandemic fatigue 

I don't know if it's the pandemic fatigue, the fact that where I live spring is starting and it affects me a lot, but my energy levels these days are extremely low.

Am I the only one?

Yesterday I officially reached the point where I can no longer fit all my books in the bookshelves I have...
And that already includes books on top of books and other kinds of 3D storage techniques

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