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Extremely picky about accepting requests here as this is my personal space and I'm very protective of it. If you want to be friends, let's start on my public alt:

Lots of negativity abound, sometimes even without a CW. Make sure you understand that that is what this profile of mine adds to your feed on most days.

I may remove you from my followers if our interactions are very limited.

Stuck In A Hard Place by .

"Your mind is ephemeral
You can't remember the game
You've peaked too soon
But you've stayed the same

Throw off your dead weight
From the precipice
No use resisting this"

On a Discord voice chat yesterday. Girl says "I just don't wanna do a whole conversation, so I quickly scroll reels/TikTok/etc., and then it's an hour later."

We really should be doing those whole conversations.

My current SaaS + donations + phone plans burn rate is like $25/month.

Even *this* feels expensive ngl.

Job Search 

To whom it may concern:

I've been out of formal work for months and am really in need of monetary income. I would settle for a one-time or temporary thing.

Do you need to do something tedious and extensive? Maybe some Spanish-English or English-Spanish translation? A text review, or maybe html/css code review? Some simple CMS work? Entering data into a database? Doing an analysis on a community, or a second opinion on how to run a community event?

I'm willing to do any of those and some other related things. Write me a DM and we'll talk about it calmly. :blobcat_ow:

OK to boost.

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Prefers reduced motion: ✅
Prefers no computers: ⏳

Looking for a small instance for sporadic readers. Help?

📕 New on the blog. Unplanned.

Close some metaphorical browser tabs from your head. It's perfectly okay to do it. You're human. Pick your best fights.

📕 New on the blog.

I recently began using Music. Here's why Apple Music doesn't cut it; and why does.


RewriteBase /
RewriteRule regex-pattern substitution [R=301]

the same as

RedirectMatch regex-pattern substitution

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