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Prefers no computers: ⏳

Looking for a small instance for sporadic readers. Help?

📕 New on the blog. Unplanned.

Close some metaphorical browser tabs from your head. It's perfectly okay to do it. You're human. Pick your best fights.

📕 New on the blog.

I recently began using Music. Here's why Apple Music doesn't cut it; and why does.


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Do you use your real name on fedi? Boosts appreciated for reach. :boost_requested:

Whoa. The cafe I'm at just asked for my vaccination certificate. I've been coming here on and off for months and this is the first time!

“Checking my Mastodon feed lately causes me to yawn. I’m bored by the Fuck Google And Twitter statements—please stop distributing useless messages on platforms where people already fucked Google and Twitter. Yes, Go is awesome and Linux For The Win, yadda yadda. Yes, everyone should get their COVID jab. Dear God, make it stop. Should I start a de-follow frenzy? Compared to Twitter, Mastodon is already so very tiny. I’m sure I’m still missing out on interesting non-tech savvy people to follow, but it’s hard to deny the homogeneity of the population there.”

* TeMPOraL 3 hours ago [–]

> Why can’t I just click a button and follow all the local events for my favorite artist/venue/team/theater/charity? Why do I still have to manually create events and copy and paste details? Why are there so few “add to calendar” and why do they often fail?

It's because of advertising.

Artists, venues, teams, theaters, charities and other performers may themselves not care - they make money on you being there. But everyone else between you and the event, they make money on your attention. They explicitly don't want you to streamline or automate event discovery and attendance scheduling. They want you to visit their pages, and be exposed to ads (whether it's regular ads where they get paid per click, or ads for different events with which they make money on you deciding to attend).

The "attention economy" is, by definition, built on making everything inefficient and full of hassle. To monetize attention, you have to make the users pay it first.

This may be an tired point, but I feel it bears repeating. The problem isn't one of technology - the tech for what you want exists, and actually worked much better in the past. The problem is businesses: they actively don't want you to use the Internet in this way.


Really miss and really rooting for .

If you're sending me a follow request, please fill your bio/pinned toots with something meaningful. Say hi. This is my personal alt and I need to know you're a safe person.

On the flip side... if I followed you (or requested to follow you), there's a good chance I liked some of the content you're posting. 😊 And if I find that I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would (over an extended period of time -- typically some months), I might unfollow you. 😞 Of course, I'll expect you are happy to do the same for me. There's no obligation whatsoever around these parts.

It's *your* feed. Just like it is mine.

When a potential employee starts by assuming you are a man and addresses you as "sir."


Covid, vaccination 

Going to get my second shot tomorrow, super fucking excited! 💉💉💯

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A community that offers a safe space for people to share their personal lives online (again). Social media doesn't have to be about only showing the best of you, all the time. Find support and community for your struggles – small and big.

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