I'd assume it's gonna take a bit of time and some massive effort for Hometown to have parity with Masto v4.

Please donate to @darius if you can for his efforts and, (much more importantly) his skill and time. 💚

Here you go:


I just upped my donation from $10/year to $20/year (this will be billed in about 2 months now as opposed to ~4 months before).

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Pro-tip: $60/year will land more in his wallet than $5/month for 12 months. Liberapay lets you do this.

Correct me if I'm wrong though.

@ru thanks! and actually.... technically speaking I *could* launch hometown with v4 parity today but I am trying to listen to user complaints about v4 and see if I can tweak or fix some of them before launching

@ru (basically the merge went more smoothly than I imagined, but now I am looking at some of the v4 features like, uhhhhhhhhh, hmmmmm...)

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