Birdy found itself isolated from the pack yesterday. We kept some water near her and looked up what to do online.

We were very worried some cat would attack her so when she didn't want to fly outside (it was becoming increasingly clear that it didn't want to go outside and instead had chosen to stay the night), we closed the window we opened for her, and left the room door slightly ajar in case she wanted to leave at night (unlikely but I'm not a bird expert).

Anyway, long story short (cause I'm tired), this morning another family member was able to guide her outside to our terrace. A few birds did come to see what it was all about. Then eventually the parent and even her siblings came and they left together.

She was not very good at flying just yet so we're very, very glad she was able to find her fam without succumbing to any injuries (or worse) in the isolated period.

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