I miss my static website - so expressive! 😭

WordPress does make publishing and managing posts easier, and is easier on my time and mental health -- both prime reasons I moved. That's still true.

But I miss my static website. 😭

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@ru Now you have to do both: yourwebsite[.]com/blog and static.yourwebsite[.]com/blog 🙃 .

@ru I've considered moving to static so many times but just haven't found a solution that works for me. (just moved back to WordPress from Medium, but I really don't like the Gutenberg editor)

@krisfreedain Right? It's such an investment, and somehow still an inconvenience?

I like the Gutenberg editor though, and I guess I'm an odd one there. 😄 Really wish they'd address its accessibility. 😔

@ru ya, I really want to like it, but it just feels so cumbersome to me. I'd love to find a static site generator, WYSIWYG editor, Markdown files, with a mobile app. Massive ask that I just haven't found yet.

@ru is there a middle ground? A simple static site running NetlifyCMS maybe? Or a custom Wordpress theme?

@kev @ru WordPress deployed as a headless CMS for backend editing while using a frontend SSG for content generation is generally the best middle ground (if that's your goal here).

Further reading:

@oedmarap @kev Yeah, I've been pondering about this.

I think the WP-API route is again overkill for me. I'll be halfway back to where I left from.

I might have to dig my heels into the PHP/WP development docs and work on that 2021 child theme I've been wanting to. In due time. 😅

@oedmarap @kev That said, yeah, this lack of ANY personality at all on the site does unsettle me until I can get around to the child theme.

@ru Were you using Jekyll before? There’s Jekyll Admin for that CMS touch

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