Super selective in approving follow requests here.

Off-hand, I make a note of the following:

1. Do you have a profile picture of you? I toot with a real face, I expect you will too.
2. And then, are you tooting personal stuff? Not just the highlight reel, but also the "difficult" stuff.

That said, please don't self-reject -- if I get a feeling we'll get along, I'll be happy to have you onboard.

But if you must, you may follow me on my public + professional-ish Fosstodon account instead: @celia.

I see you also want the negative of life as well :coolcat:

My negative is I am hanging for college admissions still having idea what I wanna do :welp:


@mur2501 Just read my toots that carry -/-ve/personal content warning. I've already been doing this.

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We, quite simply, are a safe space. A larger goal is to become a place for you and your friends to feel comfortable not just showing your uber positive highlight reel, but also talk about personal, often difficult, content that other platforms tend to penalize.