Considering a framework laptop as my main computer. My thinkcentre works great but not being able to use it around the house is a bit annoying. I know there are cheaper / used options but I'd really like to support a company doing good things for right to repair.

Any framework owners like to chime in on their experience so far? In particular, what have you NOT liked about it?

Boosts welcome!

@chris For sure. That computer should last YEARS easily, especially since you opted for the 64 GB RAM/1 TB SSD model.

Assuming support, it should be able to game decently too!

@chris What did you switch to? I've had mostly good experiences with AdGuard (if you want DNS-based adblocking) or Quad9 (just a general-use DNS service with malware/phishing protection).

@nathand Ive always had good experiences with Fedora recently, though I've been on a Linux break (running W11 only right now).

I tried Ubuntu and eOS 6 again this past week and it just didn't stick. Mostly because their DPI scaling for my monitor resolution isn't ideal at all.

@kev my theory is that you’re bored and want something new to tinker with 😅


From a guy who gets bored and constantly wants to change things

@cassidyjames Besides, don't get into mechanical keyboards; it's a trap!

A mechanical keyboard enthusiast trapped in the rabbit hole

How's Ubuntu MATE/MATE desktop these days? I haven't tried in years but looking for something light weight as I plan to run multiple VMs on my main computer

@jase That all said, I may have found a use-case that windows can't do that might make me reinstall Linux sooner than later.

Just ordered a refurbished Lenovo Chromebook duet as a "travel" device for about $170 USD which is wild, since it comes with a keyboard and case. Apparently Linux app support is decent on them!

I had briefly tried a surface go 2 refurbished for almost 3x the price and had so many problems with internet connectivity that I returned it. Hoping for a better experience this time.


1. Wake up/Get out of bed 1-10 minutes before our daily stand up meeting

2. Drink Coffee

I blame the pandemic...

Another day, another keyboard build:

Case: CannonKeys Stacked75
PCB: Obliterated75 Solder
Plate: FR4
Switches: Lubed+Filmed Gateron KS-3 Yellow Switches
Lube: Superlube (NLGI 2) Grease + Oil for Stem, Superlube Oil on Spring
Films: Deskeys 0.3 mm
Stabilizers: GMK Screw-in w/ Dielectric Grease + SuperLube
Keycaps: Mistel Doubleshot PBT

Oh forgot, it's using a KBDFans Carbon Fiber plate :P

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Realized I never posted a photo of this build I did a little while back:

Case: Klippe R1 Aluminum - Silver
PCB: DZ60v3 Solder
Switches: Lubed Retooled MX Blacks with MX Red Springs
Lube: Superlube (NLGI 2) Grease + Oil for Stem, Superlube Oil on Spring
Stabilizers: GMK Screw-in w/ Dielectric Grease + SuperLube
Keycaps: Mistel Doubleshot PBT

@obsolete29 QEMU/KVM via virt-manager is probably the best/easiest alternative for VirtualBox, while giving better performance.

political take on privacy 

@obsolete29 I am also of the opinion that government regulation is absolutely necessary to really have true privacy for people as a whole, especially from surveillance capitalism. It truly is a systemic problem, in my view.

It takes both technical and financial privilege in order to make efforts to be more private and I think many folks in the Fediverse take that for granted. There's this underlying assumption that one can pick oneself up with your own boostraps and deal with all privacy issues online individually to solve the problem and I really hate this view; it reminds me that you can "vote with your wallet" can make a difference with large multi-billionaire corporations' bottom line.

Consequences of it are typically a lot of gatekeeping and "not doing enough", when often people don't have the means, knowledge or time to do so.

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A community that offers a safe space for people to share their personal lives online (again). Social media doesn't have to be about only showing the best of you, all the time -- finding support and community for your struggles, small and big, is a cause worth pursuing.

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