@lkhrs you are a brave soul, I’d be terrified tinkering with such a minor issue when the machine costs that much money and is still under warranty lolol


Just watched this documentary about this true crime story of a crazy bitcoin scam. I find it really ironic and also not surprising that the comments are filled with cryptocurrency bot scams.

@chris I mean if it works, it works.

Getting non-tech folks on any password manager is a win lol.

@kev @wind @joel @pete

Another sick day taken for allergies. Kind of hard to work when you're sneezing every 5-10 min and my eyes are on fire -_-

Agreed. I think with tech with all have our individual situations of crap we put up with that goes against maybe things are in conflict with our principles. It really depends how needed that thing is, if there's marginally worse alternatives that better aligns with our principles, and how much the impact of us using a particular thing affects the company behind it as a whole.

With the DDG and Brave conversation, there's plenty of alternatives out there in the world of search engines, so it's easy to use something slightly worse if it means I don't have to support some bigot who is on the web3/crypto craze.

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My comment about that was specifically to web3/crypto, not the social stuff. I know there's disagreements on social stuff.

@joel @kev


I think discounting any access to privacy that DDG and Mozilla have done in the past few years compared to Brave isn't a fair assessment.

I really don't like this "all or nothing" approach to choosing privacy-related services/applications. All these companies have been engrossed in controversies related to privacy and none of them are perfect. Conversely, they have all made access to private easier, while simultaneously trying to cut corners on it to make money.

For me, not using Brave is a matter of principle, not a practical one. Sure their products may be "more private"/useful, but the trade off is supporting the mindshare of Brave as a brand by saying I use those products, is supporting them.

Brave has had its own track record of being misleading to their users. On top of that, their CEO is a bigoted, anti-vax, crypto/web3 advocate (which I know most folks in the Fediverse are against). If you work for Brave as a software engineer, I don't think you can feign ignorance of knowing what bad things you're building.

Lastly, I **like** Starpage's purple accent colors :)

@kev @wind

@m2m Startpage uses google’s index which probably helps haha. I just wish setting it as the default engine was more ubiquitous. @CrowderSoup

Decided to go with @tdarb 's Lightspeed theme. Changed some of the CSS but it was easy to switch over. Hopefully the live site should update here soon.

@tdarb really digging this light speed layout so far. Thanks again!

I think I'm ready for a new theme for my blog, but I'm feeling lazy. Any recommendations on Jekyll themes to build off of?


Here's a blog post from the former-CEO of Signal explaining how it handles contacts privately on a more technical level:

@gregandcin @arh


I wish there was an option other than phone numbers too, but I think the point is for convenience/ease of use.

I also think that people conflate anonymity with privacy and Signal is a privacy tool, not a anonymity tool, at least without usernames.

I define privacy as "the ability to be able do something without others knowing what you’re doing", while anonymity is "the ability is to do something without knowing who did it." I have a blog post in more detail linked below on how I define these terms. [1]

With phone numbers registering on Signal, you're able to hide who you're talking to, but not necessary who you are. I think for privacy + anonymity tools, Signal isn't there yet without usernames. That said, there are guides out there to register signal with burner numbers if you feel like you need both privacy and anonymity.

Also remember that Signal doesn't *know* your number after registering your account. [2]

[1] ndanes.com/blog/2021/05/18/con

[2] support.signal.org/hc/en-us/ar

@gregandcin @arh

When criticizing a piece of technology, especially from Big Tech, please try to avoid unsubstantial claims and straight up conspiracy theories; there's plenty to criticize and back up with evidence without having to resort to such things.

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