Trying another gaming laptop since I returned the Acer Swift X; picked up a open box/"used" ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 with a RTX 3050 Ti, i7-11800H (8 cores, 16 threads), 16 GB RAM, 512 GB ssd. It was already $300 off due to being last gen, with another $196 off being open box.

Initial impressions:

* 16" 16:10 FHD screen is BRIGHT. Reviews say it's about 500 nits which is definitely noticeable/comparable to my iMac
* Haven't tested any games yet
* Has a thunderbolt port which helps future proof it a bit more
* Tenkeyless laptop is so nice on a 15/16" laptop
* About to continue playing Wolfenstein 2 so can't comment on the gaming performance yet

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Welp there's a dead pixel I just noticed and I can't unsee it. This going back... :(

Almost perfect!

@ndanes I've had luck using this site to fix dead pixels if you want to give it a shot:
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