For the long term, I'm considering turning this old i5-4690k system I grabbed into a NAS. What are thoughts on OpenMediaVault? Is there any other recommendations?

Main purposes for it will be:

* Time Machine backups over the network
* Potentially a Nextcloud/Seafile Server
* PhotoPrism server

I have a 1 TB SATA SSD currently for it, but would like to run a second one for redundancy in RAID 1, but also add a smaller ssd as a boot drive. Which NAS operating system would make this the least painless? I think my motherboard supports hardware RAID if that helps.

Boosts welcome!


Update on this: I mentioned this in another toot, but I decided to ditch this plan; don't really want to manage a server and likely will go with a Synology NAS at some point in the future.

The i5-4690k system was parted out and sold on /r/hardwareswap (Reddit) and I more or less broke even on it. Still want to play games though, but unfortunately CPU bottlenecks were already happening in some instances.

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