For the long term, I'm considering turning this old i5-4690k system I grabbed into a NAS. What are thoughts on OpenMediaVault? Is there any other recommendations?

Main purposes for it will be:

* Time Machine backups over the network
* Potentially a Nextcloud/Seafile Server
* PhotoPrism server

I have a 1 TB SATA SSD currently for it, but would like to run a second one for redundancy in RAID 1, but also add a smaller ssd as a boot drive. Which NAS operating system would make this the least painless? I think my motherboard supports hardware RAID if that helps.

Boosts welcome!

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Update on this: I mentioned this in another toot, but I decided to ditch this plan; don't really want to manage a server and likely will go with a Synology NAS at some point in the future.

The i5-4690k system was parted out and sold on /r/hardwareswap (Reddit) and I more or less broke even on it. Still want to play games though, but unfortunately CPU bottlenecks were already happening in some instances.

@ndanes OpenMediaVault is the best, I used it at home for a few years and it ran without hiccups, even regarding TimeMachine support, 0 issues.

At work I would prefer FreeNAS because FreeBSD is just better than Debian, but the storage filesystem, ZFS is really ressources hungry. You’ll need tons of RAM and the performances will suffer from the absence of a dedicated caching device (basically a SSD reserved to ZFS cache).

So, I think you made the good choice with OpenMediaVault! 😊

@mathilde Thanks for the info! :) I'm definitely leaning toward it, especially because I have way more experience with Debian based Linux distros, compared to anything BSD based.

@ndanes ah and just thinking about it now: forget about hardware RAID, they are mostly shitty and you will only get more issues than using software solutions. Like mdadm, LVM, etc on Linux. ✨

@mathilde Good to know. I'm less familiar with software vs hardware RAID and will definitely look into it once that day comes :D

@ndanes no worries, using OpenMediaVault it’s all integrated in the web interface. Just select the devices, « RAID 1 », click « create » or something like this and you’ll be done. :)

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