I should note that my last blog post[1] made it relatively easy to let go of the Mac. Although I miss having iMessage on my machine, it's an okay trade off to have a little more computing freedom and a lighter load on my wallet.

[1] ndanes.com/blog/2021/06/16/mos

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Not sure if I'll blog about it, but I ended up returning my M1 mac to our local Costco (best return policy). I recently picked up a used Thinkcentre M75q-1 with a Ryzen 3400GE and was very impressed with the performance. I was even able to easy open it up and upgrade from 8 to 16 gb and add a 1 TB 2.5 inch SATA SSD.

I realized I paid a premium on a M1 machine, although was faster, to do extremely basic music recording (for practice). I have other macs in the house (such as my fiance's) that I can use as needed for music things.

I'm currently running Windows 10 Pro on it and tinkering with Debian via WSL, but I may eventually install elementary OS 6 once that officially releases.

Lots of changes to my custom keyboards since I last posted about, to the point where it's basically not the same keyboard:

* KBDFans 60% Plastic Case ("Foam" Modded with an old mousepad)
* DZ60 RGB v2 Hotswap PCB with VIA support
* KBDFans Aluminum Plate
* Gateron 'Milky' Yellow switches lubed with Super Lube 51004
* Everglide V2 Screw-in Stabilizers (lubed with dielectric grease on wire, 205g0 on housing)
* YMDK Doubleshot PBT WoB Cherry Profile Keycaps

I went from a aluminum to plastic case and find that I enjoy the acoustics a lot more and now can make it travel friendly!

I sold my fancy Tealios switches for the budget Gateron Milky yellow switches and absolutely love them so much.

Keycaps came in today and feel real nice despite costing under $30 USD.

Probably a blog post and typing test soon!

PeerTube instance recommendations if I want to embed/link a video into a blog post?

Video would be a short typing test clip, say <1 min.

Dumb things are happening. Attempting to flash QMK on my Durgod K320.

A community that offers a safe space for people to share their personal lives online (again). Social media doesn't have to be about only showing the best of you, all the time -- finding support and community for your struggles, small and big, is a cause worth pursuing.

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