Home projects for today (still in progress):

(1) Spray painting some mechanical keyboard case/case parts with my favorite color, Golden Yellow!

(2) Painting my main desk "Kettle Black"

New keyboard build! (Yes I have a problem lol)

Board: Glorious GMMK Pro
Switches: Gateron KS-3 (All Nylon Housing) Yellow
Lube: SuperLube NLGI 2 Grease + Oil Mix, Dielectric Grease on Wire
Films: Deskeys 0.3 mm
Plate: Aluminum
Stabilizers: Stock "GOAT" (they're alright)
Keycaps: Mistel Doubleshot PBT WoB (with BoW accents)
Firmware: VIA
Deskmat: CannonKeys Logo Pattern
Mouse: Logitech M575 with Black Perixx PERIPRO-303 GBK Trackball


Decided to revamp my "now" page and make it journal by month (technically starting with last month) and archiving the previous months' entries.


Not a FOSS app, but a cool convenient way to stream my Bandcamp collection using WebDAV interface on my nextcloud drive. Pretty cool!


Been a while since I did a re-design. It's not a plain white background anymore; just wanted to add some personality :P

Let me know if I missed anything!

Well this is fun, got Dino IM working on Windows 10 using WSL with GWSL[1]

Going to keep tinkering with GWSL to see what else I can get running :D

[1] opticos.github.io/gwsl/

Funny turn of events, as I was writing my next blog post on how I was planning to use OneDrive with Cryptomator (FOSS client-side encryption software), I ran into this issue:


TLDR; Microsoft will flag your client-side encrypted files as a false positive for ransomware and ask you verify it. Although users suggest that Microsoft doesn't actually delete the files after you verify, I really don't want to risk it.

I guess I'm not moving cloud services now (but I will revise my upcoming blog post to be cloud-service agnostic on how I use cryptomator)

youtube.com/watch?v=LSxbc1IN9G Wow! Linus bought a framework laptop with his own money and became an investor. I wish I could justify spending the money on one of these

Fediverse friends: I'm looking to sell a rebuilt Durgod K320 TKL mechanical keyboard to someone in CONUS. I rebuilt this for fun and would like for it to go to a good home :)

- Durock Plate Mount stabilizers (Legs clipped, lubed with SuperLube + Permatex); "Band-aid" Modded with silicone adhesive stickers under plate housings
- Flashed with VIA firmware (basically allows you to remap any key on the keyboard with function layer support)
- PE foam between plate and PCB
- Shelf liner under PCB
- "O-ring" between tray mount posts and PCB
Comes with DIY coiled cable, usb-c to usb-c cable, box, keycap puller, dust cover and original box.

DM me if you're interested :)

Boosts welcome!

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