New monitor & office chair, better ambient lights and cleaner monitor stand to free up space are recent changes to this setup...*almost* ready to write a desk setup update for 2021 :D

That said, probably planning on doing an updated desk tour setup blog post soon :P

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Not a new keyboard, but just like how this photo came out :P

(Keychron K2 with HK Gaming Pegaso PBT keycaps)

Is it just me or does Wayland+GTK4 (Gnome 40) feel noticeably smoother than Wayland+GTK3 (Gnome 3.38) or X11+GTK3 (Gnome 3.38)? Or am I just misremembering? Haha

I temporarily reinstalled Windows 10 on my Laptop only to find out the my need for it won't work. Long story short, I'm trying to decide what I want Linux Distro to!

Sorry FOSS friends, but I switched to iPhone from Android. Here are my thoughts so far on the switch (and why I switched):

Was enjoying my laptop keyboard and trackpoint so much I decided to pick this up.

Enjoying this more than my mechanical keyboard

A community that offers a safe space for people to share their personal lives online (again). Social media doesn't have to be about only showing the best of you, all the time -- finding support and community for your struggles, small and big, is a cause worth pursuing.