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I must be annoying repeating this but please, don't use acronyms in your messages or content warnings. The meaning of them is often difficult to understand, especially if your readers aren't used of your language.

It just takes a few more letters to type. We are not on and the character limits are longer!

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Here I am, reviving this account on @ru's instance. Don't know what to say but I'm active on the fediverse since 2016.

I knows stuff about computers, using these skills to make a bit of money. But now I have almost no interest in tech anymore.

I love dogs & all kind of animals. I like listening to music, watching movies, taking photographs. Cooking food for loved ones. Hiking, riding bikes, being outdoors...

I hate individualism, neo-liberals, centrists. Racism is never OK.
I was born 1995, and I was gay before being transgender. I'm dealing with psychiatrists since I'm 8 years old. Gender can't be everything in life and I like when people check on their privileges (before interacting & generally).

That being said, don't hesitate to send a follow request. Direct messages are welcome too!

Oslo present you his favorite toy, he wants to play, as usual.

All these "inclusivity" policies are just gender-nightmares.

Get the fuck out of my life, leave my body alone, screw yourselves with your hormones levels calculations.

Maybe someday it would be cool to write an article about the free and open-source software (, ) problem… Like one:

Imagine t’es de gauche mais au premier problème avec tes voisins la première chose qui te viens en tête c’est de leur envoyer les flics… 🙄

Sometimes I want to share something here, then I remember nobody cares & why I hate social networks.

Cursed, lewdi-sh 

Unlike plants, I can be watered with piss without risk.

FYI I don't give a single fuck to your capitalist pride month. 🌈

My main fediverse activities are muting instances, users & unfollowing people.

I think we may underestimating how much CEO, Eugen Rochko, is killing the we love.

But move along, nothing to see...

Food, unsolicited advice 

Eat soup, it's full of water & vegetables.

Those contain lots of fibres, who helps having a good time on the toilets. 🚽

Can’t I mute an entire domain? I know I can block, but I don’t want to. There some particular users over here I follow.

Boosts welcome if you don’t know. ✨

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